Download MagIRC


  • Anope 2.0.0 or greater (recommended), or Denora 1.5.0 or greater (legacy) with MySQL support enabled - Get Anope!
  • A web server with PHP 5.6.x or greater with the pdo_myssql, xml and gettext modules enabled
  • Web Browser supporting HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript
  • Supported IRC Daemons: Bahamut, Charybdis, InspIRCd, ircd-rizon, IRCu, Nefarious, Ratbox, ScaryNet, Unreal


  • Please read the README file contained in the MagIRC package, especially the section named "RECOMMENDED DENORA SETTINGS"


Please give us your feedback so we can improve the product! Thank you :)


Composer & Bower

This is the recommended way of installing MagIRC.
You need composer, bower, git and svn.
Use the following commands to install:
  • composer create-project magirc/magirc
  • bower install
and to update:
  • composer update
  • bower update

MagIRC 1.6.0 packages

Released May 2nd, 2018

GIT Repository (use at your own risk!)

GIT repository for the MagIRC development branch:
Browse the repository on github