News » 23.04.2012 - MagIRC v0.8.0 BETA released

Roughly three weeks after the first alpha release, to which two interim releases followed, we are proud to present to you version 0.8.0-beta of MagIRC. Lots of new features, fixes and tweaks have made their way into this release, which can now be considered ready for production environments, and a worthy successor to phpDenora. That is, if you have PHP 5.3 or greater.

The most prominent new feature perhaps is the multilanguage support. MagIRC now comes with full German, French, Italian and Dutch translations. You are more than welcome to contribute with submitting your language. Please follow the instructions in our Wiki article for how to do so.

Upgraders just need to unpack the archive into their existing MagIRC installation replacing all files, then run the setup.
Feedback is more than welcome. Please write your comments in the MagIRC Forum or submit any bugs or feature requests to our github issue tracker.

I would like to sincerely thank our early adopters for their precious contributions so far.
There is more good stuff coming down the path, so stay tuned and enjoy this new release!