News » 18.03.2017 - MagIRC v1.5.0 released

Hello, faithful MagIRC users. It is finally time for a new MagIRC release: introducing the freshly baked v1.5.0. While v1.5 does not offer any major new features, some work has been done in preparation for future updates.
Still, this release includes added support for UnrealIRCD 4 and MySQL 5.7, two new language translations, and several improvements and bug fixes.
So we definetly recommend everyone upgrades!

Here is the Changelog sumup:

  • Updated framework to Slim 3.7
  • Updated various other components
  • Switched template engine from Smarty to Twig
  • Using Bower to manage JS components
  • Added support for UnrealIRCd 4
  • Added support for MySQL 5.7
  • Added Turkish and Portuguese translations
  • Country flags are now in a sprite
  • Various bug fixes

Please bare in mind that if you customized the default template or created your own custom template, you will have to redo your work.

Huge thanks to all those who contributed on GitHub to make this release even better.

We hope you enjoy this release!

A short look at upcoming releases:

  • v1.6 will include an all new default template based on bootstrap instead of jquery-ui, and will have a responsive layout.
  • v2.0 will be a complete rewrite based on Laravel framework

Stay tuned!